Emils programming page

The main purpose of this page is to market my skills to potential employer, and to share with you with useful code and useful applications.

The most advanced program that I have at the homepage is a program playing chess . The programs "skill" is probably slightly better than the average player.

About Me

Image off Emil

I have a solid college education of over 330 credits (equivalent to 5½   years of study). Most of the training is done at Mälardalen University but Also on   Gothenburg University and Chalmers.  

Overall , I have been working with software development for 12 years and studied it 5-6 years at colleges. The skills that I possess is among other: Object-oriented programming, development of database applications, development using C#, OpenEdge ABL/Progress 4GL, SQL, HTML, JavaScript, TypeScript, jQuery, jQuery UI, jQuery Mobile. To see more specifically what I can so I refer to my CV.

Screen dump of EC chess